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Membership in IDCI is open to all interior designers, allied professionals, students, industry partners, and the general public, regardless of affiliation or certification. Beginning in 2020, there are now four levels of membership available; Registered Professional, Non-Registered Professional, Associate, and Student.



Individuals currently practicing in the interior design field who have achieved NCIDQ and are Registered with the State of Indiana. Appellation: RID, IDCI



Individuals currently practicing in the interior design field who have achieved NCIDQ. Appellation: IDCI



Individuals currently practicing in the interior design field who have not yet achieved NCIDQ,  teaching interior design, representing a manufacturer or dealer/supplier of interior design products and services, or in related fields such as landscape architecture, lighting design, architectural photography, and members of the general public who wish to support IDCI’s mission. Appellation: IDCI Associate


STUDENT: $20/yr

Individuals currently enrolled in a CIDA-accredited educational institution. Appellation: IDCI Student


Memberships expire 12 months from the date of purchase.


Want to get involved?  We’d love to have your help! Whether you'd like to help with an individual event or would like to work with us year-round we want to hear from you! Send us an email and we will get in touch with volunteer options:


It’s all about D.E.S.I.G.N.:  Defend, Educate, Support, Inform, Guide and Network.


Defend the interior design profession at a local level.

  • IDCI is a local, grassroots team of advocates working for you.  We monitor regulatory & Legislative Representation & Advocacy focused on legislation impacting the Interior Design profession and our right to practice.  And when necessary, organize appropriate response to such actions, such as calls to state house reps, letters to legislators and rallies.


  • 100% of funds collected from dues, donations, and ticketed events stay local and provide us with regular and reliable funding for maintaining the Interior Design Registry and legislative efforts.  Advocacy comes at a price. We employ legislative advocates to monitor new or proposed bills and laws and to initiate legislative revisions or new legislation for bills negatively impacting  our profession. Legislative efforts may also require funding for legal fees, campaign contributions and mailings.


Educate designers and the community.

  • Interior Design is a continually evolving profession with constantly changing regulations, technologies and best practices. Through continued education, Designers make their most informed, safe and creative decisions.  An educated and well informed interior designer can, in turn, educate the general public and be an advocate for our profession.


  • The State Interior Design Registry provides an avenue for the consumer to identify the qualifications of a certified interior designer. Registered designers have documented, verified, diversified Experience,  accredited Education, and a successful completion of a national qualifying Examination.  The examination addresses current building codes, Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, ethics, and protection of the public’s health, safety, and welfare.


  • The general public, lawmakers, and other design professionals, may not understand what the Interior Design profession involves.  Building relationships and educating elected officials and the community about the interior design profession impacts our success in obtaining legal recognition of the interior design profession.


Support advancement of the Interior Design Profession.

  • Be an active member in the design community. Share your voice with leaders, advocates and decision makers in our industry. Participate in the future of your profession as  public policy is shaped.  Together, we are all stronger and have a bigger impact.


Inform the design community by providing current, relevant information.

  • Members receive quarterly newsletters and important breaking industry, political, and legislative issues affecting the profession and the health, safety, and welfare in the built environment to the public.

  • Regular Updates on Coalition & Member Activity and Information.

  • Receive calls to actions when community effort is needed to change legislative agendas affecting our right to practice.


Guide and assist with the Interior Design Registry Application and Renewal Process.

  • Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) licenses professions as set in statute by the Indiana General Assembly. The Interior Design Registry is a voluntary self-certifying registry, meaning the State does not monitor, maintain, or assist with the registry. All of the work is done by IDCI. 

  • The State will direct you to the IDCI Board to answer questions you may have about the requirements to become a Registered Interior Designer, How to Apply, how to maintain your certification and how to submit your CEUs for renewal.

  • IDCI can also direct you to resources to obtain CEU’s that meet health, safety and welfare continuing education requirements.


Network with Interior Design Professionals.  

  • Mentoring Opportunities with NCIDQ registered Interior Designers and Students.

  • Join us and network with the design community at CEUs and events throughout the year. Select Events will offer Reduced or Gratis tickets for members.

  • Invitation to Coalition Events & Meetings, Annual Legends in Design Event, Student Day at the Statehouse

  • More networking opportunities to come as we further develop IDCI!


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