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The mission of IDCI is to promote and elevate the profession of interior design through education and advocacy

Have you ever wanted to get more involved with IDCI and have a passion for advocating for interior design? Well you are in luck! Right now we are looking for passionate and hard working individuals to apply for our open board positions. The list of current open positions are listed further down on this page. Please have a look and apply to any position you think you would be a good fit for. 

Follow the link below to apply! You have until June 7th to get your applications in.

Best of luck to you all!

If you have any questions please email Michelle Wise at

Below are the positions that are currently up for vote with a brief description (the duties listed below shall include, but not to be limited to the following):

  • President-Elect - 1 year term

    • Preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and Immediate Past- President.

    • Understudy all the activities and responsibilities of the President.

    • Presides over orientation for new Board Members.

    • Works with Vice President for Finance and/or Administrator to establish budget and present to the Board for their approval.

    • Serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

  • Events Director - 2 year term 

    • Communicate with the Event Chairs of design associations, such as IIDA and ASID, to establish a yearly calendar of industry events. The calendar will outline all events and be shared with IDCI members.

    • Establish and coordinate sub-committees to plan IDCI events 

    • Serve as the line of communication between event sub-committees and the IDCI board

    • Help make sure the events are organized and run smoothly

    • In charge of coordinating with vendors and collecting quotes to present to the IDCI board for approval

  • Communications Director - 2 year term

    • Send mass communication emails to all contacts regarding current events, general announcements, and community happenings

    • Keep email lists current with new and past members

    • Review all flyers, provide proper letter head, logos, and standard templates for all communications

    • Coordinate the needs of, design, and order all IDCI-related paraphernalia and memorabilia

    • Work directly with Social Media Director to coordinate all mass communications

  • Social Media Director - 2 year term

    • Maintain website. Modifying as needed to cater to upcoming events, news, and other current events

    • Create graphics to blast out on social media and through email to all contacts regarding current events, general announcements, and community happenings.

    • Update Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages with up to date information and events 

    • Coordinate promotion of all industry events, such as with IIDA and ASID organizations

    • Keep record of all login and password information used by IDCI

    • Work directly with Communications Director to coordinate all mass communications

  • Ambassadors - 2 year term

    • Keep a list of Registered Interior Designer's (RID's) within their State region​

    • Notify and update regional RID's of IDCI events/activities/updates

    • Distribute IDCI collateral, as necessary, to RID's within their region

    • Provide the Board with a brief report of their RID's 

    • Meet bi-monthly with the other Ambassadors and VP of Legislation to discuss the status of the RID's

  • Student Member - 1 year term

    • Keep a list of Indiana schools up to date.

    • Keep the list of School Interior Design Directors up to date.

    • Provide the Board with updates in regards to school trends/activities/etc as deemed necessary to provide the Board with an overview of student life.

  • IIDA Liaison - 2 year term

    • Keep their organization up to date with pertinent IDCI information ​

    • Furnish IDCI with pertinent information from their organization

  • ASID Liaison - 2 year term

    • Keep their organization up to date with pertinent IDCI information​

    • Furnish IDCI with pertinent information from their organization​

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